INFINITI Transmission Service

If you know anything about taking care of your car, it’s that you should get your oil changed as frequently as it needs it.

INFINITI Transmission Services in Bluffton, SC

INFINITI owners near Bluffton, SC, choose us for certified INFINITI transmission services. Whether your INFINITI needs transmission fluid exchange maintenance or transmission replacement, our certified technicians specialize in INFINITI models like the QX80, Q50, QX55, etc. We outfit a state-of-the-art service center with INFINITI-authorized equipment for all-inclusive transmission service and exclusively install genuine OEM parts. Continue learning about INFINITI transmission maintenance and possible repairs. Check the monthly specials to save on certified INFINITI transmission services, then schedule your appointment at INFINITI of Hilton Head.

INFINITI Transmission Maintenance & Repair

INFINITI engineers reliable transmissions that smoothly convert engine power into forward momentum. INFINITI transmission systems rely on numerous parts susceptible to depreciation. The internal moving parts require lubrication with transmission fluid that needs exchange maintenance. Transmissions depreciate and might need repairs or replacement at higher miles. A diagnosis informs whether faulty parts need repairs or transmission replacement is necessary. Contact us for a transmission inspection/diagnosis if you notice slipping gears, delayed engagement, surging, leaking fluid, check engine light, overheating, or grinding noises.


Certified INFINITI Transmission Services Near Okatie and Pritchardville, SC

The most popular transmission service is fluid exchange. Reference the INFINITI owner’s manual to determine when your model needs transmission fluid maintenance. We offer transmission diagnosis as the staging point for repairs or replacement. Transmission diagnosis often involves diagnostic testing with a thorough inspection for recommended service formulation. We might recommend repairs for faulty components, such as a cooler hose, shifter cable, valve body, control unit, CJ joint, tube, fitting, friction disc, gasket, seal, clutch, torque converter, and more. Transmission degradation beyond repair requires replacement to extend vehicle life.

INFINITI Transmission Service

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INFINITI owners near Bluffton, SC, schedule transmission service appointments online or by phone. Many customers visit the INFINITI service specials page and schedule appointments online in minutes. We offer customers a comfortable waiting area with high-definition TVs, vending machines, and reading materials. Explore the INFINITI parts and gear boutique for a tailor-made driving experience.

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